OneMed Healthcare

Who We Are?

OneMed HealthCare is a Healthcare Services provider, established since 2006, based on the experience and market knowledge of 3 partners, worked in the field of medical supplies, hospital equipment, and supplements.

With head office based in Dubai HealthCare City, the company activity effectively cover all markets in the region of Middle East North African markets MENA.

We work direct in

UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, while we work with regional agencies in selected markets, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, and Iraq

OneMed employs a team of product and commercial specialists and has offices across the regions; offering distribution, consulting, and product development services to manufacturers of healthcare technologies. The company’s stated mission is to improve the lives of the region’s inhabitants through novel healthcare technologies and products.

Our suppliers 

are mainly from USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, and Turkey.

OneMed is dedicated to bringing innovative technologies and products to researchers, clinicians, and diagnostic centres in emerging healthcare markets.

Our Vision

To make regional markets accessible by high quality healthcare manufacturers and suppliers, we understand the ambitions of our suppliers, and utilize our experience in local markets to make needs achieved, but also make the local market needs fulfilled in high quality and cost effectively.

Our Mission

-To allow our suppliers a One business contact, for multiple requirements in different regional markets.

-To provide our markets and end users with a One solution for all their needs of healthcare supplies and needs.

-To keep the region updated and provided with Nr. One technologies in the field of healthcare services.

Our Partners


OneMed now is the distributor of MeCovers in MENA region

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